I Have A Startup Idea, Now What?


For the second year in a row, I got called back to my MBA alma mater
(Wharton) to talk at the school’s career day event. The career services
faculty lines up various speakers to share their experiences about the
fields of finance, strategy, and consulting, as examples.

I was asked to lead the entrepreneurship track, and excitedly agreed. When else do I get the chance to proudly describe myself as an experienced startup geek?

Seriously though, I was happy to do it, because every time I’m back on campus, I learn something new or meet someone worth meeting…

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Meaningful Innovation Through Millennials’ Eyes


By Sarah Faulkner, Principal at Faulkner Strategic Consulting

“Innovation” and “Millennials” are indisputably two of today’s hottest business buzzwords. It seems like just about every company out there is seeking to produce the former and attract the later, but what do Millennials really consider to be meaningful innovation? What is it that matter in their lives?

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4 Tips for Pain Free Customer Management for the B2B Startup


Sami Kaipa, COO of GlimpzIt, explains best practices after a customer agrees to buy your product, and how to effectively manage that customer.

“Effective customer/account management is just as important to your business as shortening the sales cycle. It can save time, effort, and costs, and for a young company, that might be the difference between serious growth and closing shop.“

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Marketing 2.0 with Visual Conversations


In this QuestionPro blog, GlimpzIt COO – Sami Kaipa discusses the topics of UGC (user generated content), social media, customer support goodwill, visual sweepstakes, gamification, and consumer insights.

Here’s a “Glimpz” of Sami’s article…

“What if you could get your consumers and even would-be consumers to generate image content for you? Consumers that submit UGC to your brand on social media are 300 times more engaged with your brand than those who simply consume your content.”

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