Machine Learning for Marketing – Bay Area Ventures interviews GlimpzIt

Take a listen as GlimpzIt CEO, Parry Bedi talks about machine learning for marketing with Donald Landwirth, host of Bay Area Ventures on SiriusXM’s channel 111 Business Radio Powered by the the Wharton School.

NBC Universal, Hallmark, Facebook and other large enterprise companies are creating personalized offerings that resonate with customers on a deep emotional level with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Parry talks about how GlimpzIt works and also introduces the Bay Area Ventures Conversation of the Month, a monthly conversation you can participate in at

The show airs live the third Monday of each month at 4:00pm Pacific Time / 7:00pm Eastern Time and replays throughout the week. It’s also available anytime on the SiriusXM mobile app.

Join the Conversation, see how GlimpzIt works for yourself and then come back each month to see what you and your fellow Bay Area Ventures listeners are thinking!

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