Using GlimpzIt for User Generated Content

Check out how a non-alcoholic beverage brand used GlimpzIt to develop marketing content for social media and other digital channels.

Client Challenge: The beverage company wanted to obtain metaphorical and non-obvious representations of images and phrases associated with their brand name with the goal of identifying key claims that would resonate with their target customer base.


Phase 1: High Level Ideation

  • Question Types: Broad, general questions designed to elicit both objective (what) markers and emotive (why) context.
  • Sample Question: What comes to mind when you think of a refreshing and unexpected moment of fun? For example, you suddenly have the day free—and it’s a beautiful, sunny day— what does celebrating this unexpected moment of fun look like? We want to understand how’d you kick back and enjoy yourself – be creative! Please submit a picture to answer the question and explain the setting in the text box below.
  • Mechanics: N=100/question. Response format: visual (image) and text pairs.
  • Results: Unique positioning concepts where their product can fit in.
    Phase 1A: The client’s internal creative team brainstormed ideas and contributed an additional 20 image/text combos that they wanted to test as well.

Phase 2: Concept Testing

  • Question Types: Monadic concept testing (note: GlimpzIt supports side by side testing as well)
  • Sample Question: “Tell us what you think of this image/text response. What do you like/dislike and explain why.”
  • Mechanics: The 120 image/text combos generated in phases 1 and 1A were shown to the target audience. N=600 evaluation data points were obtained.
  • Results: GlimpzIt generated a rank ordered list of viable concepts and claims that fit the client’s study goals. The sample size enabled statistically significant findings (at a 95% confidence level and a 4% confidence interval).

Wrap Up: In a period of 3 days, the beverage brand was able ideate on marketing concepts and test the ideas for crowd resonance. Ultimately, they were able to confidently develop marketing collateral that would resonate with their various market segments.

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