Why Did You Vote Clinton? The faces behind the ballots – Part 2 of 2

Last week we asked Trump voters why they voted the way they did, so naturally this week we asked Hillary Clinton supporters why they chose to vote Clinton.

As we mentioned in last week’s post regarding Trump voters, we decided to perform this study when we saw just how inaccurate the polls were at predicting the outcome of the election.

Our goal of these two studies, is to find the common trends among voters of both sides, and to have a constructive dialogue so that we can move beyond perception and into real motivations behind a defining moment in American history.

Here’s How We Did It

First, we got 100 Trump voters and 100 Clinton Voters to take a selfie. Why? Simple, visuals allow us to humanize voters in a way that the numbers simply cannot.

Then, we asked them to tell us why they voted for their respective candidate.

Quick side note: more info regarding The Power of Visuals

After all the Glimpzes (responses) were collected, each one was evaluated by a respondent peer group, totaling just over 3,000 respondents. A GlimpzIt peer group is an independent group of evaluators with identical demographics to the original targeted respondent set.

So…we had those who chose to vote Clinton evaluate Clinton responses, and we had those who chose to vote Trump evaluate Trump responses.

These evaluators were asked to provide a thumbs up or down in response to how well a Glimpz resonated with them, and optionally to comment on the Glimpz.

This evaluation process helps us to quantify the data, increase the reliability of the data dramatically, and measure “crowd resonance.”

Finally, we used GlimpzIt’s machine learning / AI engine to perform a full analysis of all the Glimpzes and evaluaitons.

Another side note: more on How To Improve the Quality of your Data in Market Research

Here’s a look at the faces and some of the visual data we collected from the 100 Clinton respondents…


Tag Analysis Theme Chart


What We Learned

Of the 3,000+ Glimpzes and evaluations, here are our most intriguing discoveries…

Most common reasons why respondents voted for Clinton:

1. NOT Donald Trump
2. Experience and Qualifications
3. Policies

Reasons which resonated the most with evaluators:

1. Progress
2. Experience and Qualifications
3. Better Candidate for the Average American

Among female voters, reasons which resonated the most with evaluators to vote Clinton:

1. Progress
2. Experience and Qualifications
3. NOT Donald Trump

Among male voters, reasons which resonated the most with evaluators to vote Clinton:

1. Minority Rights
2. Personality and Morals
3. Better Candidate for the Average American

Other reasons to vote Clinton which were tagged by multiple respondents: Women’s Rights, First Female President, Children’s Future, and Party Allegiance.

To take a closer look at what was tagged the most by GlimpzIt’s machine learning engine, below is a chart from our Summary Report Dashboard.

Note: In green are the 100 Glimpzes (selfies and responses), and in blue is what resonated with the  evaluators (up-votes and down-votes)

Conclusions Drawn from Both Trump and Clinton Responses and Evaluations

Seeing as the country is as divided as it ever has been following this election, it does not come as a surprise to learn that the top reason for both Trump voters and Clinton voters to vote the way they did was simply due to their candidate NOT being the other party’s candidate.

There are some important takeaways for Americans to consider. First, we can recognize that the other side of the aisle is human, and that more dialogues exchanged through rich visual media can help us find common ground in a way that anonymous 140 character barrages cannot. Second, while polling failed us this time around, data is not the issue, it was the lack of sufficient, unbiased, and quality data that explained the inaccuracies. Lastly, and most importantly, we need to do a better job as a country nominating candidates and appointing officials which we can at the very least be proud enough to vote for based on who they are, as opposed to who they are not.

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